Presenting EyeZen’s SMART BLUE FILTER – Protect Your Eyes From Your Digital Screens!


Here’s a shocker: staring at screens all day long is unavoidable these days. All that screen time is hard on your eyes and could cause digital eye strain. This is true even if you don’t wear glasses.

Our eyes weren’t designed to view millions of pixels all day. The good news is, there’s no reason to shut everything off in panic, or change your daily screenlife. With Eyezen glasses, you can actually ENHANCE it!

Tiny fonts and pixelated images cause our eyes to work harder in order to focus – this is uncomfortable!

Blue light comes from both the sun and artificial light sources (i.e. digital screens and fluorescent lights). It is part of the visible light spectrum and gets absorbed deep in your eye, making it one of the most intense forms of visible light that humans experience.


Essilor is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of eyeglass lenses. Their commitment to research and development is clear in each and every Eyezen product you’ll find. Eyezen glasses were created to protect your eyes in several ways. This combination of groundbreaking vision solutions will keep your eyes relaxed and comfortable as long as you wear them!

EYEZEN + (Plus Up Your Protection!)

With Eyezen+ lenses, you will experience an upgrade from your everyday lenses. This will defend against Harmful Blue Light and will reduce eye strain through Essilor’s Smart Blue Filter™ technology. And the best part? Your lenses will look clear to all those who see you!

Why Replacement Lens Express?

Replacement Lens Express is the world’s leading online retailer of prescription eyeglass lenses. Our Connecticut based lab processes high quality eyeglass lenses for local optometrists as well – so you know that your lenses are getting the same meticulous love and care as the eye care professionals expect! We never compromise on labor, materials or quality. (Check out what our customers think of us!)

Our online business provides the same exact Eyezen lenses that you would receive from your local eye doctor – but at a fraction of the cost – saving you over 50%! Simply select from our 12 Eyezen products, customize your lenses (add an anti-glare coating if you’d like!) add them to your cart, and check out!

You can either send in your own eyelgass frame for our licensed optometrists to install the lenses into, or you can select from our full collection of name brand designer eyewear on our website.

It’s never been so easy!


Clear Transitions
Plastic CR39 $35 $79
Polycarbonate $48 $117
High Index 1.60 $77 $137
High Index 1.67 $112 $173
Trivex $68 $119
Plastic CR39 $183 $257

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