Oakley sports eyewear for winter

No matter your preferred sport, good vision is always essential. To react quickly, you need to see exactly what’s going on, and if you’re outside, that’s not always easy. Light conditions and changing weather can cause glare, shadows, and distractions, throwing you off your game.

We recommend Oakley sports eyewear to protect your eyes and give you the best vision while playing sports. What makes this brand arguably one of the best in the world for winter sports eyewear, though?

All about Oakley

Oakley is a perfect example of what you can do with a combination of passion, knowledge, and innovation. The brand founder, Jim Jannard, got the idea to make better grips for motocross bikes in the 1970s.

On a shoestring, he created a unique rubber material, which, paired with an inventive design, he used to make a revolutionary new grip. That simple part became a huge success and has since been carried over to all Oakley eyewear collections.

The Oakley Goggle was the first eyewear produced, but it wasn’t long before the brand moved into skiwear, the next logical step. In 1984, Oakley realized that other sportspeople could benefit from their technology and moved into making sunglasses that could be worn both on and off the slopes.

Oakley knows that to create the best sports eyewear, you need to talk to real sportspeople. The brand has worked with many professional athletes, including NFL star Patrick Mahomes, Olympic alpine racer Mikaela Shiffrin, and Olympic 3rd place snowboarder Coco Monsan.


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Style and substance

Oakley’s advanced frame technology gives you comfort and security, while cutting-edge lenses offer enhanced clarity and adaptation to changing conditions.

They have worked hard over the years to create lightweight, comfortable-to-wear, and durable frames. In fact, Oakley sports glasses are specifically designed to elevate your performance, especially in challenging winter weather.

Describing the frames as ‘plastic’ is an understatement – they are formed from a specially designed material – O Matter. Engineered to give improved strength and flexibility, this material is much more advanced than the standard acetate used in most glasses frames.

When it comes to style, the designs are formulated to give enhanced lens coverage, improving your peripheral vision and protection – something every sportsperson knows is essential. Of course, you want to look good while staying active, and with a pair of Oakleys, that’s a given, with innate style imbued in every design.

Frames That Fit

While some sports eyewear designers focus more on the lenses, Oakley sports eyewear gives equal attention to producing frames that fit perfectly and stay in place. Their sports frames are designed to reduce pressure at the points where they touch your face, ensuring no sore spots when you take them off. The grip is gentle and supportive yet secure, preventing slippage even when sweating with exertion.

Oakley understands that not everyone has the same facial dimensions. That’s why they offer features such as different fits for those with a high or low nose bridge. Small but effective features such as no-snag nose pads mean you can easily move the sunglasses to the top of your head and back down without snagging on your hair. Alongside this, they also take into consideration the wearer’s head width and cheekbones.

Every part of an Oakley sports glasses frame has been carefully considered, even down to the hinges. Features such as ear socks and nose pads are made from one of the company’s first patents, Unobtanium. This material is designed to increase your grip when you start to sweat, meaning that however hard you work, your sunglasses will stay where you want them.


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Advanced lens technology

Focus is essential to athletes, both visually and mentally. And for good focus, you need good lenses. Oakley Prizm is a super advanced lens that has gone through decades of research and testing, guaranteed to give you unparalleled clarity of vision.

The technology that has gone into Prizm lenses is centered on how the eyes work and how your brain visualizes your surroundings. Light and weather conditions can make a huge difference to how well you can see, especially during the winter, so Prizm lenses have been optimized to give the ideal level of contrast.

The lenses manipulate the light that hits them, enhancing colors and contrast to reveal a level of detail that will wow you. In snow, you will be able to identify terrain and contours, giving you an edge that will have you in the lead. On the road or trail, colors are intentionally altered to give you the best chance at identifying obstacles.

For safety, Prizm lenses offer superior impact protection. Tested under high mass and velocity conditions, you can rest assured that your eyes are well protected from anything that comes at them.

For extra support, if you choose polarized Prizm lenses, you will experience glare-free vision. In winter, the sun’s rays will reflect off snow, ice, and water, temporarily impairing your vision and performance. These lenses are designed to block out 99.9% of glare so that your sporting performance will always stay at its best.

With a wealth of lens options to choose from and the ability to easily swap out lenses in some frames, you can adapt your eyewear to suit every situation. We believe Oakley is one of the top options when it comes to choosing the best sports eyewear.


Image sourced from @oakley Instagram

Start Shopping For Oakley Sports Eyewear

Check out our range of Oakley sports glasses and sunglasses today, and don’t forget to view the selection of frame colors and Prizm lenses available with each style. We’re confident that you’ll find a pair that offers you the perfect look as well as optimal performance in your chosen winter sport.