Transition Lenses vs. Sunglasses: The Pros and Cons


Are you wondering if you should purchase transition lenses or sunglasses this summer? With all the available eyewear options, it can be difficult to choose the best lens for your needs. In this article, we’ll go through the pros and cons of traditional and regular sunglasses so that you can make an informed decision.

All About Traditional Sunglasses

When you think about going outside in the sun and protecting your eyes, you probably first think of standard sunglasses. They protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and help prevent glare so that you can see clearly. When choosing a pair of sunglasses, you should always pick ones that offer 100 percent protection against UVA and UVB rays. Secondly, it’s important to make sure the lenses completely cover your eyes. This can mean picking a pair with a larger lens size. Lastly, choose the right lens tint. Lenses with gray tints offer the best depth perception with the least amount of color distortion, but amber or slightly yellow-tinted lenses offer the best view in lower lighting situations.

Pros of Traditional Sunglasses

  • You can control the darkness of the lenses by choosing the lens tint that works for you.
  • There is no waiting for the lenses to adjust to new lighting levels.
  • Sunglasses can be purchased with vision correction.
  • Traditional sunglasses are less expensive than transitional lenses.

Cons of Traditional Sunglasses

  • The lens tint is static, meaning it doesn't adjust to multiple lighting conditions.
  • You have to take them off and put them on each time you enter and exit a building.
  • If you wear prescription glasses, you’ll have to switch your regular glasses for your sunglasses each time you go outside. (This is not a problem for people who wear contact lenses.)

All About Trendy Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are a newer and more advanced product than traditional sunglasses. So rather than having to put on and take off your sunglasses all day while you shop, enjoy the sites, or spend time in your own backyard, you can leave your trendy transitional lenses on your face. This is because the lenses automatically adjust to various lighting levels, hence the name “transition.” Transitional lenses can also be purchased with or without vision correction.

Pros of Designer Transition Lenses

  • Transitional lenses can be worn indoors and outdoors, which means you do not have to take them off.
  • Transitional lenses can be purchased with vision correction.
  • There is less risk that you’ll lose your glasses.
  • They are effective at filtering out UVA and UVB rays.
  • You can buy trendy and designer frames to go with your new transitional lenses.

Cons of Designer Transition Lenses

  • It can take a few seconds for the lenses to adjust to a new lighting level, especially in cold weather.
  • They are slightly more expensive than traditional sunglasses.
  • The lenses may not darken enough while driving due to the UV blocking properties of your windshield.
  • Transitional lenses may not be polarized, which means an increase in glare.

Making a Decision: Are Transition Lenses as Good as Sunglasses?

When it comes to choosing the right type of eye protection this summer, it depends on your specific needs. If you wear contacts, a basic pair of sunglasses may be right for you. If you wear glasses, you may want to consider transitional lenses so that you can reduce your risk of losing your sunglasses and keep your eyes protected in multiple lighting conditions.

To learn more about the benefits of transitional lenses and to choose the right designer transition lenses for you, check out our sunglasses and lens options today. Have questions? Fill out our convenient form, or email us at [email protected].

Will Blue Light Glasses Help My Vision?


Let’s face it, our society is digitally focused, and we’re constantly looking at our phones and tablets. Whether we’re shopping online, watching movies, or have children that are doing virtual schooling, screen time is more common than it’s ever been. That means the blue light coming from those devices (and not just from the sun) can affect our well-being. 

The Science Behind Blue Light

Why is blue light bad? Well, prior to being in a digital world, our blue light only came naturally through the sun – its shorter wavelengths providing higher amounts of energy. It’s what allowed our bodies to know the difference between daytime and nighttime. Therefore, our bodies functioned on that rhythm. But, because blue light comes in artificial sources (phones, tablets, computers, etc.), it more often confuses our bodies, specifically our sleeping patterns. It can also contribute to digital eye strain, headaches, neck pain, blurry vision, and more. Some research even shows that long-term exposure can cause damage to your eyes.

One way to regulate our bodies to blue light is by wearing blue light glasses. These are specifically designed to block out the artificial blue light and provide a variety of other benefits. While there is not a lot of concrete research attesting to the use of blue light glasses, there are many people, including experts, who have stated that their experience with blue light glasses has been helpful for:

  • Reducing eye strain
  • Reducing blurriness
  • Reducing dry eyes

If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping and eye strain, blue light blocking glasses could be a great option.

Factors to Consider When Buying Blue Light Glasses

With so many options available, there are some key factors to consider before you make your blue light glasses purchase: 

  • Anti-glare: If you are looking at screens all day, you want to ensure your lenses are anti-glare so you can see clearly.
  • UVA and UVB protection: Many pairs of glasses have both UVA and UVB protection, so make sure you’re looking for both when browsing.
  • Lens color: If you want to be able to see all colors, go with a blue lens. However, if you are hoping to just sleep better at night, go for yellow or red.

If you’re a parent that’s shopping for blue light glasses for kids, you will want to consider the same criteria listed above, but comfort and style will also be important. Child glasses often come in bright colors designed to appeal to children and are more flexible than adult styles. Because the digital world is only expanding, it’s important to take care of your child’s eyes early on.

Shop for Blue Light Glasses at Replacement Lens Express

Whether you prefer regular frames or designer blue light glasses, you want the best for your eyes. That’s why you must buy from a reputable company that not only has good reviews but makes your eyes their top priority. This is where Replacement Lens Express (RLE) has your back.

If you look at a screen all day and want some relief for your eyes, RLE makes it easy to purchase new eyeglasses that are made in the U.S.A. With RLE, you can search for blue light glasses and select from lenses that contain SMART BLUE FILTER™, like the Eyezen + Single Vision Clear Plastic CR39 Lenses, and many others. In fact, this smart blue light filter can reduce harmful blue light by at least 20%.

Looking for some relief while you wait? Here are some tips to help you alleviate some blue light symptoms:

  • Take breaks. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break from looking at the screen.
  • Watch your posture.
  • Try a standing desk.
  • Get an anti-glare screen and/or change the lighting so there is less glare.
  • Blink frequently so your eyes do not get dry.
If you’re ready to say goodbye to headaches, dry eyes, and more, contact us today, and we’ll help you get started in picking out the best blue light glasses that will work for you.

How to Find the Best Replacement Eyewear


Maintaining regular eye doctor visits to ensure healthy vision and updated prescription needs are some of the most tedious tasks to remember to do each year. However, online eyewear companies make it easier than ever to keep up with your appointments and find new frames and lenses. 

When you find a reputable and reliable glasses company for popular eyeglass frames, it can help to ensure your experience is a breeze from start to finish. Below you will learn how to buy replacement eyewear online or even purchase brand-new trendy eyewear frames from one of the best: Replacement Lens Express (RLE).

What Qualities to Look for in a Company and High-Quality Replacement Glasses?

Whether you need an eyewear company to replace eyeglass lenses or designer eyewear replacement, finding the best replacement eyeglass company can be a challenge. Besides your current budget, the most important things to consider when searching are:

  • The company’s turnaround time: How long will it take to receive your new glasses after placing your order?
  • Current user reviews: Are there testimonials that provide positive reviews on their website or, better yet, on independent third-party sources like TrustPilot?
  • Promotions and deals: Does the company offer promotions, like coupon codes or buy one get one deals?
  • Optician on duty to answer questions: Is there someone knowledgeable and experienced with vision, eyeglasses prescriptions, and eyeglass lens options that can answer any questions you have?

Also, if you find yourself needing to order replacement eyewear with a rushed return time, it is key to determine if the company you are looking into offers this service.

Selecting Replacement Eyeglasses Styles and Preferences

The best eyeglasses differ from person to person as each of us has a different shaped face and a wide variety of preferences. But, in general, it’s best to look at the durability of the frames you are considering purchasing. Not only will this help in the long run, but no one wants to purchase cool frames for eyewear just for them to break a week later. Also, make sure to read customer reviews when online shopping for eyewear – this is key in your decision process because you can hear from real people what their experience was like.

If your eyeglasses have broken, you may find yourself questioning, “how to replace eyewear online?” because, let’s be honest, who has time to go into the store to try on a handful of options? But, because many replacement frames for men and replacement frames for women come in various shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and price ranges, it can be hard to decide which ones to pick online. With the right company, they will be able to fit your new eyeglass lenses and frames to your exact needs. Online shopping for glasses has become the “go-to” for many people, not just because they’re more affordable but because it’s just that much easier.

Choose Replacement Lens Express for Your Replacement Eyeglasses

Replacement Lens Express makes it easy and fun to purchase replacement eyewear online. From clear eyeglass frames to metal bifocals, RLE has it all! With hundreds of styles for both men and women to browse, we surely have glasses to meet everyone's needs. Our high quality frames start around $18 and go up from there.

With our competitive pricing, discounts, and promotions, our inventory is the most affordable you will find. And, RLE has an optician standing by to answer your questions. Plus, our average turnaround time is 3.62 days.

RLE has specialized in eyeglass lenses since 1982, so we understand the importance of finding the perfect match for each individual. At Replacement Lens Express, we strive to make your online shopping experience an absolute breeze any time of day or night. All of our eyewear is made right here in the USA, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and is received in just 3-6 days.

When you visit RLE, you are sure to leave happy and confident in your purchase and absolutely love your eyewear when you receive it. Contact us today to start picking out the perfect replacement eyewear.

How to Prepare Your Eyewear for the Bright Summer Months


The summer season is commonly characterized by the bright sun, sand, and fun-filled outdoor activities. But, people often forget that our eyes are vulnerable to the sun’s rays during this period, especially when we step out without proper protection. It is important to take special care of your eyes as there are risks involved.

If you want to protect yourself from both short-term eye challenges and potential long-term consequences, below are a few of the best ways to protect your eyes this summer with the proper summer eyewear. Read on!

Choose Sunglasses With Complete UV Protection

Sunglasses are an essential part of eye protection in the summer, but not all sunglasses (and their lenses) will keep you protected. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is much stronger in the summer. Even though your lenses may be tinted a darker shade, it doesn’t necessarily mean your eyes are protected from these harmful rays. Look for ones that are labeled with UV400 or 100% UV protection, which means they can block the entire spectrum of UVA and UVB rays.

Wear Safety Goggles While Swimming

Whether you spend your summer on the beach or at the pool, water exposure can damage unprotected eyes in several ways. Goggles are important for both indoor and outdoor pools because, in chlorinated pool water, chlorine can be very irritating. In addition, in lakes and other non-chlorinated water bodies, microorganisms can survive and cause infection, so it’s important to protect yourself and your family from these risks.

In both cases, waterproof goggles are the best choice for eye protection.

Wear Hats

Sunglasses offer a lot of protection but not full coverage. There are still gaps around the lenses that allow access to sun rays. Wearing wide-brimmed hats can help to shield the entire face. You can also pair the hat with sunglasses for maximum protection.

Wear Sunglasses Even if You Wear Contact Lenses

Several brands of contact lenses are made with UV protection. However, they cover only the middle of the eye and not the area around the cornea – so you may be more exposed to sun damage if you wear contact lenses but plan to go outside. If you wear contact lenses without sunglasses, the sun can also cause dryness and irritation. So, even if you’re someone who wears contact lenses, it’s recommended to wear sunglasses as well for the best protection.

Consider Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses can make outdoor activities like playing sports, being on the water, or driving enjoyable. You can choose from various colors like brown, grey, green, or yellow lenses as these are some best-polarized sunglasses colors. They're also best for minimizing color distortion and reducing glare.

Where to Get the Best Brand?

Nowadays, there are many great options for sunglasses, whether you are shopping in person or an online eyewear store. You can get fashionable summer sunglasses to complement your look, but you still need to know if the lens used in the frame will protect your eyes. That’s why it’s essential to choose your sunglasses from a renowned retailer such as Replacement Lens Express (RLE). When you shop with RLE, you will be offered the best summer sunglasses that can reduce 100% UV radiation and at the same time give you a feeling of comfort and fashion. Contact us today to get started in picking out the sunglasses that are perfect for you!

Benefits of Wearing Prescription Sunglasses


What’s not to love about sunglasses? As the quintessential symbol of summer, they provide harmful UV protection and add style and fashion to your look. But are prescription sunglasses worth it? From fashion to function, here are some of the best reasons to wear prescription sunglasses.

1) Protect your eyes

Both the best prescription sunglasses for men and the best prescription sunglasses for women protect the eyes from a wide variety of harmful factors, including:

  • UV rays. We know to wear sunblock to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, but our eyes need protection too.
  • Projectiles. Cars, lawnmowers, bicycles, and power tools all can haphazardly throw dangerous objects, like rocks, stones, and sticks into your eyes.
  • Aging. The sun ages the skin, and nowhere is more vulnerable to the sun’s wrath than the thin area around the eyes. When you squint to see in bright light, you scrunch up the delicate skin around the eyes. This may cause you to develop premature fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Glare. The sun’s glare can be dangerous to your vision, especially when you are driving. Prescription sunglasses, especially polarized lenses, can help reduce glare.
  • Cataracts. Not protecting your eyes from the sun can put you at increased risk for developing cataracts.
  • Poor vision outside. Prescription sunglasses can offer you clear, crisp vision.

2) Customization

When you purchase trendy sunglasses with a prescription, you have the choice to fabricate your lenses to your exact preferences and specifications. For instance, you can choose things like:

  • Tint
  • Frame style
  • Scratch resistance
  • Polarized lenses
  • Photochromatic lens
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • And more!

3) Provide more control than transition lenses

Transition lenses offer many advantages, but there are a few drawbacks when compared to Rx sunglasses. They can be slow to react when you go from outside to inside, making it difficult to see initially when entering a brightly lit store. In addition, transition lenses don’t function well inside a car because of the special tinting on windshields.

4) More options and convenience

If you’re someone who prefers to wear contacts, you know the challenges that come along with them when spending time outdoors. From dry and irritated eyes to not having a backup set when one falls out – they can be difficult to deal with daily. One solution? If you invest in a separate pair of sunglass lenses with a prescription, you’re covered all day long! You won’t have to worry about your eyes being irritated from your contact lenses and risk having to remove them and not see clearly.

5) Safer vision improvement choice when swimming

Eye care professionals do not recommend wearing contacts while swimming because they increase your risk of serious eye infections like acanthamoeba keratitis. Swimming without contacts and instead using prescription sunglasses beachside or poolside is a much better option.

6) Offer special outdoor vision advantages

When you opt for polarized prescription sunglasses, your lenses have a special filter that blocks bright light from the pavement, automobile hoods, sand, and water. This makes it more comfortable to see when in and around these environments when you may be exposed to these objects.

Have we convinced you? If the answer is yes, the next step is to find a pair of high quality prescription sunglasses that works for you. Contact Replacement Lens Express today to get started on ordering prescription sunglasses online.

Top Tips to Keep Your Eyeglasses Clean


There is nothing more irritating than a smudge on your eyeglass lenses. Unfortunately, it seems as though no matter how much time you spend cleaning eyeglasses, the smudges remain. Or worse, they multiply.

Your eyeglasses are an investment in your vision. It’s always wise to understand the best way to clean glasses before making a mistake that causes scratches or other permanent damage. This guide will teach you how to clean eyewear safely, so your lenses will last as long as possible.

How to Clean Your Glasses

The following step-by-step process will help you safely clean eyeglasses in any situation. Keep reading to learn what you need to do and what to use to clean glasses without damaging them in the process.

  • Step One: Rinse your glasses with water. This helps to remove any particles of dust or debris that might otherwise scratch your lenses.
  • Step Two: Do you know what to use to clean glasses? There are cleaning products designed specifically for eyeglasses. You should never use common household cleaning products that may damage the special coatings on your lenses.
  • Step Three: Use a specialty eyeglass cleaning cloth. You can order one online or get them anywhere you can find glasses cleaner solutions. It’s especially important not to use your clothes or textured fabrics to clean them because they can damage the lenses, rub oils that are extremely difficult to get out, or leave scratches behind.

Following these key steps will help you properly clean your glasses. Of course, that’s only part of the process of keeping your glasses safe. The other aspects of proper eyeglass care are discussed below.

Some eye health professionals recommend using Dawn dishwashing detergent (original) while running them under water to remove oils and smudges from the lenses. A tiny drop is all you need while running the lenses under warm water. Rub your fingers gently over the front and back of your lenses to remove smudges that remain while they are under the running water. Then, dry your glasses with an appropriate lint-free cleaning cloth.

Protecting Your Eyeglasses for Long Life

Beyond how to clean glasses, you need to understand how to care for them at all times. This includes how to hold them when not wearing them and how to store them so that you do not damage them by accident.

  • Never use paper towels, toilet paper, or facial tissues on your lenses. They are filled with lint and are likely to scratch your glasses. They might also contain perfume oil that could leave a residue on your glasses.
  • Don’t attempt to remove scratches from glasses by “buffing” them. It will only make the situation worse.
  • Store your glasses properly when you’re not wearing them. This means in a place where they aren’t likely to get scratched, knocked over, or otherwise damaged.

Whether you’re looking for brand new glasses, want to replace an old pair, or are looking for more tips like the above, Contact Replacement Lens Express (RLE), we have your back. Contact us today with any questions and concerns you may have about the best eyeglass cleaner or to get started finding the perfect eyeglasses for you.

Guide to Buying the Best Replacement Eyeglasses Online


If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you understand what it’s like when it comes time for your yearly eye doctor appointment. Not only is it often inconvenient and takes up time in your day, but while you’re there, they try to sell you on things you quite frankly don’t need and can’t afford. However, there is a new and cheaper way of buying your replacement eyeglasses, and it can be done online. While you still may need to see an eye doctor for an examination and prescription, you no longer need to pay the high-dollar costs of buying your eyeglasses in-person.

In fact, the internet offers a wider range of options, thanks to businesses like Replacement Lens Express (RLE) that allow you to purchase high-quality eyeglass frames and lenses for a fraction of the cost.

Not quite sure where to begin? Follow these steps to buy prescription glasses online.

Step One: Collect Your Prescription

You’ll need a current prescription for your corrective lenses. While a prescription isn’t necessary when buying eyeglass frames online, it’s essential when purchasing replacement lenses, which is an important component of purchasing new eyewear.

Step Two: Choose the Right Online Retailer for You

There are a bunch of online retailers to choose from. It’s important to pick one that offers the best combination of features, selection, and price to meet your needs. You also want to look for a retailer that accepts your insurance. Also, don’t forget to check online to see if there are positive reviews about the retailer.

Step Three: Explore Your Frame Options

One of the best tips we can offer for buying prescription glasses online is to spend a little time exploring your options when it comes to eyeglass frames. You’d be surprised by the number of things that can impact the selection of your perfect frames, including the following:

  • Face shape
  • Size of your head
  • Frame style
  • Preferred materials
  • Budget
  • Activity levels (For instance, youth who participate in contact sports have different frame needs than the average bookworm or office worker.)

Many retailers, like RLE, allow you to sort your eyeglasses according to various requirements such as the type of frame, shape of the frame, brand, and price to make your search for the perfect frames easier.

Step Four: Select Your Lenses

This is the most important part of the process when you order eyeglasses online. In addition to ensuring you’ve entered the correct prescription information and information about pupillary distance, you’ll need to choose extras or upgrades you may desire, such as:

The beauty is that with the savings you enjoy when you buy glasses online, you can often afford multiple pairs of glasses to meet different needs. For example, if you spend most of your day on the computer, blue light blocking glasses could be a great additional lens option.

Step Five: Look Over the Return Policy

This is another important part of the process. Since you’re not getting fitted in your doctor’s office, you need to know the return policy. Make sure you are mindful of any hidden fees involved for returns, what warranties exist, and what your financial responsibilities are if products need to be returned.

Step Six: Submit Your Order

It won’t take long for you to see that this is the best way to replace eyeglasses. Don’t forget to make sure you’re taking advantage of any discount codes or special offers when you do submit your order, though, to get the best value for your dollar. 

Last but not least, be sure to see if the online eyeglasses retailer is offering any promotions. If you have questions about buying replacement eyeglasses online, make sure you contact Replacement Lens Express today. We are happy to help with all your questions about how to get glasses online and more.

Four Reasons Why You Should Order Eyeglasses Online


Instead of asking, “What eyeglasses should I get?” perhaps the better question to ask is, “Where should I get them from, and should I buy glasses online?” Either way, there are many benefits of buying eyeglasses online. Let’s explore the perks below before you head to your next eye appointment.

1. Quality House Brand Products

Whether you need strong prescription glasses or replacement frames for glasses, you’ll find a wide selection of quality house brands available at Replacement Lens Express (RLE). In addition to a variety of house brand products, such as frames for eyeglasses, you’ll also find options for stylish sunglasses, goggles, and even safety eyewear and equipment. We not only believe we have the best online eyeglass lens replacement but the best sunglass lens replacement options as well.

The point is that you don’t have to pay top dollar to have someone else’s name printed on your glasses or frames. Instead, we offer house brand products that are top quality for a much more attractive price.

2. Largest Selection of Name Brand Lenses and Frames

Besides our enormous selection of quality house brand products, we also offer an impressive selection of name brand & designer lenses and frames. This includes Ray-Ban replacement lenses as well as many other impressive brands, such as:

  • Hugo Boss
  • Vivid
  • Chesterfield
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Nautica
  • Oakley

The best part is that ordering eyeglasses online is easy — even from these top designers and brands. Plus, you can buy Progressive Lenses online and even sunglass lenses and prescription sunglass lenses.

3. Direct from Our Lab to Your Doorstep

The great thing is that there are no complex steps when it comes to how to get glasses online. You simply visit the website, select the frames you wish to buy, and then the glasses are delivered to your doorstep. It’s an easy way to order glasses. You don’t even have to leave your home to make it happen! Whether you’re shopping for frames, lenses, or the total package, you’ll find the best online glasses don’t have to be a hassle to purchase.

4. Fraction of the Cost You Would Pay at Optical Retail Stores / Eye Doctors

We believe that Replacement Lens Express is the best place to buy glasses online. Admittedly, we’re a little biased. However, when you buy our glasses, you don’t have to go in for fittings or deal with footing the bill for high-dollar eyewear showrooms. Instead, we pass the savings along to you, making your eyeglasses even more affordable than you might have otherwise expected. It’s a double win for you! Plus, you can order your eyeglasses in your pajamas. WebMD reports that you can save up to 40 percent by purchasing your eyeglasses online – that’s worth writing home about. 

There’s a lot to love about the convenience and savings that buying glasses online represents. Visit Replacement Lens Express today and see how much of a difference buying online has for your bottom line. You’re sure to find more than four great reasons to buy today!

How to Keep Eyeglasses Clean While Wearing a Face Mask


Whether you wear eyeglasses for fashion reasons or to see properly, chances are, you've found a way to comfortably and aesthetically fit them into your daily lifestyle. However, there's now a need for wearing face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). So, like a responsible citizen, you wear your mask but are then rewarded with totally fogged-up glasses. So, you ask, “What’s the deal with my glasses fogging up when I wear a mask?”

We’ve got that answer, along with tips to keep your eyeglasses clean and fog-free — even while wearing a mask.

Why Do Eyeglasses Fog When Wearing a Mask?

Airflow and body heat can cause eyeglass lenses to fog. When warm air comes in contact with a cool surface, condensation may form. Have you ever walked into a warm building after being outside in the cold, and your eyeglasses became foggy? The same thing can happen when wearing a mask. When you wear a mask, you're breathing out warm air repeatedly. This air then sneaks out of your mask at the top and steams up your glasses.

And there’s proof: The Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England published a study that showed masks actually direct much of your exhaled air upward. Technically speaking, eyeglass lens "misting" occurs when your breath's warm water vapor lands on your cooler lenses and produces tiny droplets, which scatter light and reduces the ability of your lenses to transmit contrast (dark colors stay dark and light colors stay light). According to the study’s authors, these droplets form due to the inherent surface tension of the water molecules.

For most people, this eyeglass fogging is quite a nuisance. And, because there are nearly 200 million adult vision correction users in the U.S., according to The Vision Council, that’s a lot of eyeglass fogging going on — and annoyed spectacles wearers in the process. But, once you gain an understanding of the reason why eyeglass fogging occurs, solving the problem is more attainable.

How to Keep Eyeglasses Clean While Wearing a Face Mask

Here are ways on how to keep your eyeglasses clean while you're wearing a mask.

1. Use Soap and Water

Soap and water might sound like the most simple way to keep your eyeglasses clean, but you'd be surprised how many other "no-no's" people turn to when trying to clean their glasses. The steps of basic cleaning of your eyeglasses with soap and water, which provides a thin surfactant film, are:

  • Run your eyeglasses under cold water.
  • Rub the lenses lightly with a mild dishwashing liquid soap.
  • Rinse your eyeglasses lightly under a stream of water.
  • Dry your eyeglasses off carefully with a soft lens cloth (ideally a lint-free, microfiber cloth).

2. Ensure Your Mask Fits Well

If your mask is loose-fitting, it directs your exhaled air toward your eyeglasses. However, if your mask fits snugly, it directs the air out the sides or bottom of your mask instead, away from your eyeglasses.

3. Mold the Mask to Your Nose

You should:

  • Mold the mask to your nose by adjusting the bendable metal strips, which reduce the flow of air through the top of your mask.
  • Consider adding a metal twist tie or pipe cleaner to create a similar effect if the mask you're using doesn't have a bendable metal strip or it's homemade.
  • Pull your mask up with your eyeglasses sitting on top of it to hold it against and across the bridge of your nose. The weight of the eyeglasses will help block the flow of air from being directed out the top of your mask.

4. Seal Your Mask

One common trick doctors employ is to stick a strip of double-sided tape across the bridge of their nose before putting their mask on. If you add a double-sided tape strip between the bridge of your nose and the inside of your mask, it creates a better seal.

Or, you could also place an extra piece of masking tape or cellophane over your mask too. Some doctors swear by applying a bandage to the top of the mask and the nose.

5. Place a Tissue Inside the Top of the Mask

Horizontally fold the tissue and place it between the top of your mask and your face, so it sits just over the bridge of your nose. The theory here is the tissue will absorb the moisture from your breath rather than hitting your glasses.

6. Adjust Your Eyeglasses

Adjusting your glasses, while obvious, is a great solution as it adjusts where your eyeglasses sit on your nose. Pushing your glasses up forward on your nose allows increased airflow, which can help with fogging. You can also try resting your eyeglasses over the top of your mask, creating a tighter seal.

Products That Can Help Keep Your Glasses Cleaner for Longer

There are commercial cleaners and anti-fog products you can try for keeping glasses clean when wearing a face mask. Here are a few examples:

1. Castile Soap

Liquid castile soap is a highly versatile, gently formulated cleaning essential made with sensitive skin in mind. It's less astringent and effective for just about any cleaning purpose.

2. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Rain Water Hand Soap

This is hand soap made with aloe vera, olive oil, essential oils, and other ingredients with no phthalates, parabens, or artificial colors.

3. Z Clear Lens Cleaner & Anti-Fog Spray

This is an anti-fog spray for preventing fog. It's 100% ammonia and alcohol-free, safe on anti-reflective coated lenses, and made safe for all types of prescription eyeglasses.

Be sure you read all instructions on any product you decide to use since each product will be different. Always read the fine print as some anti-fog products could cause damage to lens coatings, such as their anti-glare coating. Some sprays and wipes may cause skin sensitivities as well.

4. MotoSolutions FogTech DX Anti-Fog Wipes

Available in packets of 1, 5, 12, 20, and 100, these anti-fog wipes are popular among snowboarders, skiers, motorcycle riders, welders, and more.

Some “Don’ts” When Cleaning Your Eyeglasses

  • Do not clean with your spit. Saliva is, well, unhygienic. Given COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, and we’re trying to stop its spread, spitting on your glasses isn’t recommended at this time.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals found in products like window glass cleaners, for example, can damage the coatings on your lenses.
  • Do not use toothpaste. Some toothpaste has grainy substances, such as baking soda, mixed in. These can cause abrasions or scratches on your lenses, making it more difficult to see.
  • Do not use baby shampoo. You may think that baby shampoo is gentle and perfectly safe to use to clean your eyeglasses. However, we do not recommend using it because it could create a residue or film that inhibits your vision.
  • Do not use vinegar. Vinegar is highly acidic, which could strip away the coating on your lenses.
  • Do not dry with a fabric exposed to dryer sheets or fabric softener. These can leave a residue on your glasses.

Shop Replacement Lens Express for All Your Lenses Needs

Here at Replacement Lens Express, we provide you with an assortment of prescription eyeglass lenses online, including polarized lenses that protect your eyes from the sunlight, to offer you many aesthetic and vision benefits. Whether you love your old eyeglass frames but require an updated prescription or have badly scratched lenses, our team can replace your lenses, allowing you to keep your favorite frames.

Our own lab processes your lenses, so you can feel confident you’re getting the same product you would from an optical retail dispensary or eye care provider. We pride ourselves on our fair prices, quality of lenses, and stellar quality.

Visit Replacement Lens Express today to shop for your perfect eyeglass lenses. If you have any questions about lenses, about your order, or questions on simply how to keep your lenses & eyewear clean, email us at [email protected].

Make it Rain HSAs




OMG. There is no shortage of acronyms when it comes to health insurance.  Even the people who work in health insurance have to sometimes refer to their handy pocket glossary.

Instead of letting it all stress you out, let’s take a moment to appreciate one very special acronym that is actually incredibly important and beneficial to you – HSA.  Or Health Savings Account. 


But what is it, and why should you use it to your advantage?


Getting to know the HSA

Most people know the basic definition of an HSA.  It’s a savings account that you contribute to with pre-tax dollars, and can use to pay for qualifying medical expenses.  Most people deposit money onto their HSA on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, right out of their paycheck. The dedicated funds go right into their HSA, instead of to their bank accounts.


In order to sign up for an HSA, you must be enrolled in an HSA-qualified high-deductible health insurance policy (HDHP).  This typically means that you pay a lower premium (payment) for your insurance coverage on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, but are subject to a higher amount you must pay out of pocket (your deductible) before your insurance kicks in.  Most high-deductible plans only cover preventive care until you meet your deductible.


Contribution limits

The 2020 contribution limits for HSAs are $3,550 if you have individual coverage, and $7,100 if you have family coverage under an HDHP.  HSA-qualified plans (HDHPs) have deductibles that must be at least $1,400 for singles and $2,800 for families in 2020.


Did you know….

…an HSA is interest-bearing, and grows over time

If you don’t spend all the money in your HSA, your funds roll over into the next year, and your account continues to grow, including any investment returns or interest. 


…HSAs don’t expire

This is important to repeat, because many people assume if they don’t use it, they lose it.  This is not true – HSA funds roll over from year to year, and your account continues to grow.  Don’t lose those old benefit documents!


…most states offer extra tax breaks

With the exception of California, Alabama, and New Jersey, most states offer extra tax breaks on the contributions you make to your HSA.  In addition, HSAs are tax exempt for purposes of your federal income tax filings, and are also tax exempt for most state income tax filings.

Even better, many employers make a contribution to your HSA at the beginning of the year to get you started.  And if an employer contributes, the money is not taxed as income to you.  Make sure you check your benefit options carefully when it’s time for Open Enrollment.


…you can use it for yourself, or others

You can use your funds to pay for your own medical expenses, or those of a spouse or other family member even if they aren’t covered by your HDHP.  Family members include dependent children or qualifying relatives, as long as they’re a part of your tax household.


…you can contribute more if you’re 55+

If you’re 55 or older, you can contribute an extra $1,000 a year (this is either called an “additional contribution” or a “catch-up contribution”).  If two spouses are each 55+, please note that they each need their own HSA in order to be able to each make a catch-up contribution.


…the rules change after Medicare

Once you’re enrolled in Medicare, you can no longer contribute to an HSA (even if you continue to work and have an HDHP plan through an employer). However, you can continue to withdraw tax-free funds from your HSA, as long as you use the money to cover qualifying medical expenses, including Medicare premiums.



Listen, this is all amazing. But what medical expenses qualify?

Medical expenses can include deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, vision and dental care, and other out-of-pocket medical costs. 


Awesome!  What else can you use an HSA for?

Many people are surprised to learn you can use your HSA to pay for things like acupuncture, chiropractor services, hearing aids, home care, breast pumps, pregnancy tests, and yes, eyeglasses!


Check out IRS Publication 502 for a full list.



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