Why is choosing the best kid’s eyewear important?

Wearing glasses isn’t always easy on kids. It’s important for them to have eyewear that meets several criteria. The frames need to feel comfortable enough that they can essentially forget they are wearing them and be durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear that happens during playtime. Not forgetting it’s also important for the child to like and feel confident in the chosen frames.

Choosing the best glasses for kids means taking lots of factors into consideration. We’re here to help though, with a guide to some of the most important things to consider.

Frame size

One of the most important things to get right when it comes to kids’ eyeglasses is the size of the frame. They won’t want a heavy, oversized frame sitting on their face all day, so you need to choose a pair that is sized correctly. Their eyes should be centered in the middle of the lens to give them the best field of vision, and you need to make sure the frame doesn’t touch their cheeks as this will cause discomfort and movement every time they talk or eat.

All the kids’ frames on our website show 3 sizes – the width of the lens for each eye, the width of the bridge that rests on the nose, and the length of the temples, or arms of the glasses. Some frames are available in more than one size. You can filter your search by size to make it easier to find the right frames for your child.

Frame size

Lens material

While adult glasses often have glass lenses, for kids, it’s better to choose a more durable lens material such as polycarbonate. This is made of thermoplastic polymer, a material that is 10 times more impact-resistant than standard lenses. It’s the perfect durable lens choice for active kids and means you don’t need to worry about breakage when they’re running around during recess or playing sports.

Frame material

Another choice to make is what material you want the frames to be made of – plastic or metal? Both are quite similar when it comes to weight, cost, and durability, so it’s down to how they look. Thin, metal frames are on-trend at the moment, and your child might like to go for that fashionable style. Other kids prefer the wide range of colors that plastic frames are available in. Allergies are also a consideration for the choice of frame if your child’s skin is sensitive to certain materials and ingredients it’s important to research this before you buy.

Bridge fit

When measuring your child’s face to get the size of frame you need, make sure you take careful note of the nose bridge area. As kids’ noses are not yet fully developed, glasses that aren’t designed for children don’t always sit properly on the face and can slip down. Metal frames come with adjustable nose pads, which can be an advantage, enabling you to alter them so that they comfortably sit on the nose. Most kid’s eyewear designers account for growing noses and create plastic frames for this.

Bridge fit

Temple style

The style of temples, or arms, you choose is usually driven by the age of the child that will be wearing the glasses. Younger children often have trouble keeping their glasses on so cable temples can be a good choice. This style features a cable or strap that fastens securely around the back of the youngster’s head, making for comfortable glasses that will stay in place while they toddle and play. At RLE, we supply eyewear by Tots, which features many cable temple styles.

Frame style

Style is important to kids even at a young age, so they will want to have some input in choosing the glasses they will wear every day. While you can guide them on sizes and styles that will work for them physically, you’ll want to get their opinion on colors and designs that appeal to them. They will feel self-conscious and avoid wearing the glasses if they don’t like them, so it’s important to ensure they are happy with their choice. We stock a wide range of different kids’ brands with a wealth of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from.


Frame style

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For the best glasses for kids, you want to choose a brand that designed smaller frames specifically for young people. Brands such as Superflex Kids offer a large range in a wide variety of styles and colors, with different sizes available. Tots eyewear is designed for younger children, with soft plastic frames that are comfortable and durable. Kids’ ranges from brands such as Canny Vision and Legit Vision offer styles to suit different personalities, meaning everyone can choose something that suits their style.

When browsing kids’ glasses, you can use our search filter to select what brand, color, style, size, material, and price range you want to focus on. With all these options it’s easy and quick to find frames that are ideal for your child.

How ordering works

Once you and your child have chosen a frame in the right size, the next stage is to go through the lens selection process. Here, you can select the lens type and material, and customize them to suit your needs. You’ll need to enter a current prescription so take your child for an eye test first to make sure their vision is as good as can be once they’re wearing their new glasses.

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If your child is due new eyeglasses, browse our kids’ collections and see just how many great frames we have to choose from. There’s something to suit every budget and character, and we’re confident that you’ll find the ideal glasses for your child.