Stylish sunglasses – the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day is approaching, so now is the ideal time to think about the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas. Flowers and chocolates are fine, but a more personal gift will have more meaning – and what better way than to give mom’s sunglasses a makeover with a fresh new pair?

At Replacement Lens Express, we sell a wide range of sunglasses, but we’ve shortlisted four women’s brands we love especially for this occasion. Between them, a huge selection of shades are available, so you’re bound to find one that suits your mom’s style!

Why sunglasses make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day

A pair of sunglasses isn’t just a gift to look good; it’s also essential protection for your mom’s eyes. Good-quality sunglasses give full protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Just like the sun can burn your skin, the ultraviolet rays can also damage your eyes. So, by giving your mom a new pair of sunglasses, you’re showing that you care about her well-being.

If you’re considering sunglasses as a Mother’s Day gift, you’re also showing that you know your mom well enough to pick a pair that will suit her taste. Not just anyone can select an accessory that will look good on someone; it takes knowledge of their personality and style preferences. She’ll remember you and smile every time she wears them for years to come.

So, sunglasses really are that thoughtful gift to show you care for her and appreciate everything she does for you in more ways than one.

Now for the exciting part – let’s look at our shortlist of women’s eyewear collections for mom!


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Do you have a cool mom who would look great in a pair of classic aviators? Then Ray-Ban is your go-to brand. This iconic frame design was first developed for US pilots in 1937 but it didn’t take long for the general public to develop a love for these practical yet stylish sunglasses.

Aviators have been worn by countless movie stars, sports personalities, musicians, and celebrities worldwide over the years. We can truly say this is a timeless style – if anything emulates ‘iconic’, aviators would be it! These work great for oval, round, square and heart-shaped faces. These shades will give an injection of effortless cool to your mom’s sense of style, that’ll stay on trend for years to come.

While aviators may be the most famous Ray-Ban style, they are certainly not the only ones. We also stock wayfarers, another iconic design the world has loved for generations. If your mom appreciates a retro aesthetic, then a pair of classic wayfarers are an excellent choice. With a huge range of color options to choose from, mom’s sunglasses will be sorted out in no time.



FYSH Sun Sunglasses

Image sourced from Instagram @westgroupe

For moms who love to express their individuality, FYSH Sun is the ideal brand. Their ethos is all about confidence and personality, with strong styles made for strong women. Glamorous and charming, these sunglasses are the perfect choice to complete your mom’s signature style.

FYSH translates fashion trends such as animal print into fabulous frames. The selection includes Hollywood noir styles, transparent frames with sparkling accents, bold, oversized frames with unusual features and striking colors. From geometric patterns to fun-colored acetates, you’ll find each pair has a defining feature.

With FYSH, a pair of sunglasses becomes the ultimate accessory. Meticulous details define vintage styles, creating a feeling of elegance. For those moms who prefer a contemporary aesthetic, there are plenty of fashion-forward designs to choose from.

With so many options in their collection, we’re certain you’ll find one to gift for Mother’s Day.


For something a bit different for mom, try PeaceLove shades. The PeaceLove Foundation uses creativity to promote mental wellness. It began when Jeff Sparr discovered that painting helped him feel better and decided he wanted others to feel the same way. Together with his cousin Matt Kaplan, he started with art workshops for kids, and when they saw the difference it could make, they wanted to do something bigger.

PeaceLove started the CREATORS Program in 2015, training professionals to use creative arts with their people. It has now impacted over 80,000 lives and continues to grow.

If your mom is a creative type who likes to make a difference to others, PeaceLove sunglasses will definitely tick the right box for a Mother’s Day gift. The range was designed using Jeff Sparr’s artwork as inspiration, and each pair is like a mini piece of artwork itself. The collection features gorgeous colors such as playful blues, warm oranges, and bright pinks – your mom will have everyone asking where she got those amazing shades from! Even better, for each pair sold, a portion of proceeds goes to the PeaceLove Foundation.


For sunglasses that are on trend, high-quality, and at a great price, Success is our go-to brand. A variety of styles is available without being overwhelming, and every pair is created with precision and skill. Crafted to be long-lasting and durable, these are classic mom’s sunglasses that are built to withstand the wear and tear of day-to-day life.

Perhaps your mom would love tortoiseshell frames with a hint of sparkle? Or would she prefer translucent frames in a pretty pink hue? Style number 10 has a round shape with a stylish metal bridge adding a hint of vintage glamor. For those who prefer a flattering oversized frame, Success 4 comes in a variety of color options.

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We hope we’ve helped you narrow down a pair of sunglasses as the ideal Mother’s Day gift so you can make this occasion one your mom will remember forever.

You can browse all these collections and more today on our online shop to ensure you order a pair to arrive in time for Mother’s Day – happy shopping!