Lens Ordering Process

Ordering prescription eyeglasses online can seem overwhelming. Even the most seasoned prescription eyeglasses wearer may feel intimidated by ordering their prescription lenses online for the first time. With RLE we have designed our lens ordering process to minimize the confusion by guiding you though a stepped process that mirrors the same experience that you would receive at your local eye doctor’s office or local eyeglass retailer.

Before you get started make sure you have the following items on hand as they will be needed to answer the guided questions.

1) A copy of your doctor’s written prescription

2) The frame that you will be having relensed

We have recently redesigned our website to be very user friendly, all you have to do is navigate to our website www.replacementlensexpress.com and click on the blue button that says: "ORDER LENSES"

replacement lens-min
Select your frame type
You are now at the beginning of the ordering process

On the first screen you will select the type of frame you want to have relensed.

Once you have selected your frame type you will need to free write a short frame description – for example, you can write my own frame if you are not sure what the name of the frame is and select the continue button

step 1-min
Choose your Vision Type

This is where you will pick out what type of vision you would like your new lenses to be.
If you have any questions about the different type of visions, you can read about them by visiting our help guide using this link


vision type-min
Choose your Lens Type

Once you have selected your vision type you will automatically move to step 2 where you can pick from the list of lens options. Lens options includes lenses that are always clear, lenses that are clear indoors and transition to a sunglass like state when activated by UV light outdoors or a full-time sunglass lens.

lens type
Choose your Lens Material

Again, once you have made your choice you will automatically move to step 3 which is picking out your lens material.

Once you have selected your material there is a step 3B which is where you can pick the brand of lenses you would like depending on the option you choose there may be a step 3C that would ask you if you want Classic or Digital lenses made if you choose Single vision or if you choose multifocal or progressive lenses there will be options for the different type of progressive lenses that the brand you have chosen offers.

lens material
Select your Lens Brand and Design

Once you have selected your lens brand you will automatically move to step 5 which is picking your lens design.

Confirm your selections and hit the dark blue “Customize your lens” button to bring you to the next screen where you can pick out additional lens enhancements available for the lenses you have picked out.

lens brand-min
Customize your Lenses

Now as you can see on the left side of the order form your choices that you have made so far are listed on the side. Once you have picked your lens material this window will then start to show the price.

Make your selection to move to the next screen where you will have the option to add an anti-glare coating to your lenses. To learn more about our anti-glare coatings visit our help guide using the link below


customise lens-min
Anti-Reflection Coating Enhancement

On this screen you can choose to NO anti-glare coating or choose from one of the available brands of anti-reflection coating that we offer. Please be aware that not every lens will have brand options. If you see multiple options, then you are free to pick from these options. If you do not see multiple options, then it means the options showing are the only available options for your lenses.

anti reflection-min
Coating Options

Select one of the available Anti-Reflective coatings for your new lenses

coating option-min
Now that your lens order is complete, the next few screens are all about your prescription information and Pupil Distance fitting measurement.
Measuring your pupil distance

Once you have made your selection you will move on to the next screen which is entering or measuring your Pupil distance measurement. If you do not know your Pupil distance measurement you can use our PD measuring tool that you will see on the right side of the page.

Then you will enter in the name of the person for who this order is for, and you will be automatically directed to your lens order summary where you can add your customized lenses to your cart and check out.

measure pupil-min
Order summary

Review your order details and click the dark blue button to add your customized lenses to your cart and check out.

order summary