RLE Anti-glare Coatings

RLE Anti-glare Coatings

    What is Anti-glare coating? Anti-glare coating is a protective coating that is applied to both or one side of the lens. Anti-glare coating is used to improve vision, reduce eye strain, reduce the glare from headlights at night and helps to keep your lenses protected from the everyday wear and tear from cleaning and use. Our RLE Lux is our standard Anti-reflection coating. This coating can be applied to any of our RLE House branded lenses. The RLE Lux anti-glare coating has a greenish hue appearance on the lens when it is reflecting light. The wearer is not affected by the hue but is the distinct indicator that your new lenses have anti-glare coating applied to them. If you chose to add our RLE Lux Anti-glare coating to your new lenses the coating will be applied to both the front and back side of your new lenses. Our RLE Lux anti-glare option can be applied to Clear and Transitions lenses in a variety of lens style and materials.


    Looking for an Anti-glare coating that also helps to protect your eyes from harmful blue light? Try our new and improved RLE Zelena. The RLE Zelena features all the same benefits as our RLE Lux anti-glare coating, but it adds in an additional layer of harmful blue light protection. Our Harmful blue light filter will filter out 35% of harmful blue light from entering your eyes. The RLE Zelena anti-glare coating will have a purplish-blue hue appearance on the lenses, but the color will not affect the wearer. The RLE Zelena is also a dual sided anti-glare coating that is applied to both the front and backside of either Clear or Transitions lenses in a variety of lens style and materials


    Our RLE SUN is specifically designed to only be applied to Polarized or Sunglass tinted lenses. The RLE SUN is a backside only anti-glare coating. Why is the coating only applied to the back side of the lens? Tinted sunglass lenses are a custom process. The lenses are hand dipped into a specialized dye tank to create a sunglass glass look that is not polarized but will provide you with protection from harmful UV light. Since the Dye must penetrate the lenses to achieve the sunglass color, we do not recommend adding a double-sided Anti-glare coating as it will drastically lighten the color of the lenses. By only adding the Anti-glare to the backside of the lenses the color is richer and darker Polarized lenses are purposely designed to reflect light and glare from the front side of the lenses. However, light can still bounce into your eyes from the backside of the lenses, by adding our RLE SUN backside only anti-glare coating to your new sunglass lenses your eyes will be protected no matter if the sun is directly in front of you or behind you!