Frame Eligibility Guide


RLE is an expert at replacing prescription lenses into your new or existing frame, we have been re-lensing frames with new lenses for over 10 years. While most frames can be re-lensed there are a few frame brands and or frame types that are either not designed to have the lenses replaced or are just too delicate for the re-lensing process.

We can re-lens the most popular designer and non-designer frame brands like Nike, Kate Spade, Nine west, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Ray Ban, Oakley, Pro Design, and so many more. We also can re-lens any of our competitor frames from Warby Parker and Zenni Optical.


  • Rimless Drill mounted frames – Like Silhouette – please be aware that rimless drill mounted frames cannot be mounted into standard CR-39 plastic lens material.

  • Metal Grooved Frames - This frame has a very thin metal rim that is embedded into the lenses – please be aware that metal grooved frames cannot be mounted into standard CR-39 plastic lens material.

  • Semi-Rimless Frames - These frames usually have metal or plastic top and an invisible bottom and are best made in Polycarbonate or Trivex lens materials.

  • Metal Frames that have screws to release the lenses

  • Plastic frames – Almost every plastic frame is eligible for lens replacement

  • Safety frames - Either metal or plastic frames are eligible, and we even monogram the lenses too!Please note that some safety frame may require an RX-able insert that would sit behind the original lenes in the frame.


  • Swiss-Flex pressure mounted drilled rimless frames

  • Shield lenses or Uni-lenses - The lens is a single piece mostly found in snow goggles and sunglass lenses.

Although this list is short, there are still some frames that cannot be re-lensed. If you are unsure if your frame is eligible for the re-lensing process you can email us at and we will let you know.

In the event that your frame is not rx-able we will contact you and see if you would like to send in a different frame or if you would like to cancel your order. If you cancel your order, we will promptly return your frame and issue you a refund for the purchase price, minus the shipping charges incurred by us to return your frame to you.