What are the benefits of sunglasses during winter?

benefits of sunglasses

As the winter season comes around, we tend to pack up our sunglasses along with our summer wardrobe. But did you know that during this season, wearing sunglasses is just as essential as during the summer? In this blog post, we will explore how UV radiation can be harmful to your eyes during winter and how you can protect them with the best sunglasses for winter.

UV radiation in winter

During the winter season, many people assume that the sun’s UV rays are less harmful compared to the summer. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The sun’s UV rays can cause damage to your eyes regardless of the season. During winter, the snow on the ground can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays, leaving your eyes at risk of snow blindness, which causes temporary vision loss and redness. Even on cloudy days, UV radiation can still be high. Therefore, it is crucial to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that effectively block out UV rays.

UV radiation in winter

So, why should you wear sunglasses in winter?

  • They will help reduce glare. As the sun sits lower in the sky, it can increase surface glare, with the sun reflecting off smooth, wet or icy surfaces. This glare poses a temporary threat to your vision, leading to eye strain and headaches. However, by wearing sunglasses, you can effectively reduce this and protect your eyes.
  • They help prevent snow blindness. Snow blindness, a common form of photokeratitis, is caused when your eyes are exposed to UV rays reflected from snow and ice. This condition, which is essentially a sunburn to your eyes, can cause various discomforts, including redness, irritation, and dryness.
  • Improves your driving vision. Similar to the sun causing glare when you’re outdoors, driving under such conditions can also affect your vision. The sun’s reflection on the road surfaces and low angle of the sun cause glare, making judging distances and spotting hazards difficult.
  • Sunglasses protect your eyes from winter weather. While winter’s enchanting snow may captivate you, it can also expose your eyes to coldness and windy gusts, leading to dryness. With sunglasses acting as a protective barrier, they will effectively shield your eyes from these weather conditions.
  • Overall UV protection. Wearing sunglasses year-round not only shields our eyes from UV but also helps prevent the development of conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts later in life.

UV protection

What are the best sun protection options?

  1. Polarized sunglasses: There are many benefits of polarized sunglasses during the winter season. They effectively block horizontal glare, eliminating the need for squinting and reducing eye strain. Additionally, these lenses provide protection against harmful UV rays and enhance color contrast, making them an ideal choice for engaging in winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding.
  2. Oakley sports wraparound sunglasses: Oakley sports wrap-around sunglasses are a practical choice for winter. They protect the eyes from snow glare and wind chill, while the wraparound style offers superior protection by covering the entire eye, shielding it from snow, dirt, or debris. Alongside their outstanding style and protection, Oakley sunglasses feature Prizm lenses. These lenses offer maximum UV protection and enhance colors, contrast and intricate details, making them an ideal solution on the slopes or for a wintertime fitness workout outside.
  3. Transition lenses: Another great winter option is Transition lenses. These lenses are perfect for adapting to different light conditions. They are clear indoors and automatically darken in sunlight, making them ideal for days that transition from bright to cloudy and overcast. Not only do transition lenses block 100% of UV rays, but they also provide exceptional comfort regardless of the weather.
  4. RLE Sun anti-glare coating: Protect your eyes from glare and harmful UV radiation with our specialized coating. Designed for polarized or Transition lenses, this coating is applied to the back of your lens, reducing reflection, preventing light from bouncing off the back of the lens and enhancing clarity in any environment. Whether it’s winter or any time of the year, you can rely on this coating to keep your eyes safe and shielded from the sun’s rays.

UV protection

Get your sunglasses now.

So now you know all the sunglass benefits, it’s the perfect time to choose yours. From polarized, Transition, RLE Anti-Glare Coating and Oakley sports wraparound sunglasses, you have the perfect options to safeguard your vision and reduce glare. So, don’t wait any longer; upgrade your sunglasses to one of the best and protect your eyes from the harmful effects of winter.

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