RLE HD Digital Progressive Transitions High Index 1.67 Lenses

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All AR coatings include anti-scratch, uv protection and anti-glare.
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Why pay more for name-brand lenses when you can have the same HIGH QUALITY digital progressive lenses for 30% less? RLE In-House HD Digital Progressive Transitions High Index 1.67 Lenses are made RIGHT IN OUR CONNECTICUT LAB and are sure to impress! Minimum fitting height is 17mm for regular HD lenses and 14mm for Short Corridor HD lenses. (Our opticians will determine which lens is right for you and there will be NO EXTRA CHARGE for SHORT Corridor HD lenses.) These lenses is ideal for higher prescriptions, and will be up to 33% thinner than a standard plastic lens. Because the lens is thinner and lighter it means that more delicate frames can be used.



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RLE HD Eyeglass Lenses
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High Index 1.67 Eyeglass Lenses


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