RLE In-House HD Digital Progressive Clear Polycarbonate Lenses

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All AR coatings include anti-scratch, uv protection and anti-glare.
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Why pay more for name-brand lenses when you can have the same HIGH QUALITY digital progressive lenses for 30% less? RLE In-House HD Digital Progressive Polycarbonate Lenses are made RIGHT IN OUR CONNECTICUT LAB and are sure to impress! Minimum fitting height is 17mm for regular HD lenses and 14mm for Short Corridor HD lenses. (Our opticians will determine which lens is right for you and there will be NO EXTRA CHARGE for SHORT Corridor HD lenses.)

Because they are less likely to fracture than regular plastic CR39 lenses, polycarbonate lenses have become the standard for safety glasses, sports goggles and children's eyewear. They are also are a good choice for rimless eyewear designs where the lenses are attached to the frame components with drill mountings.

Compare with the following name-brand lens product: "Essilor Ideal - Digital Progressive Clear Polycarbonate Lenses" priced at $127.



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I've long been a customer of RLE over many years and many glasses....eye love ❤️ them. Jennifer is the Best!
Excellent turnaround and product. After two years of RX drift, my new lenses have really revitalized these frames! Thanks!
RLE is da bomb ! Great service!
Rle hd digital progressive lenses is great, the prices is so affordable I love my new glasses. Thank you.
I had Replacement Lens Express put new lenses on my old "Silhouette" frames for 1/4th the cost of the optical shop at my ophthalmologist's office! They turned out perfectly and I am enjoying wearing them again.
I had them replace my old frames with a new progressive prescription. They are perfect. Highly recommend. I didn't even need adjusting. Also they are affordable. I didn't get the most expensive choices and they work like expensive wide view lenses.
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