Return Policy

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Please refer to our return / exchange / rework policies, below. before sending in your frames and/or lenses, you must fill out a return form to receive your return authorization number.

Eyeglass Lens Return Policy

Replacement Lens Express promises to make your new lenses exactly as prescribed. Our opticians are experts in filling eyeglass prescriptions and use only the highest quality lens materials. Eyeglass lenses are custom made specifically for you and your frames and therefore cannot be returned for a refund. Lenses can be returned for reworking if they are defective or if RLE makes an error. Lenses with material defects such as irregular chipping, cracking or peeling can be returned for substitution within six months of the original purchase.

Our Prescription Guarantee

We guarantee your new lenses will be made to the prescription provided and free from defects in material and workmanship. All of our lenses comply with the regulations put forth by the American National Standards Institute for ophthalmic prescription lenses. Any eyeglasses that do not meet our high standards will be replaced when returned within 30 days of the original purchase.

Doctor's Prescription Changes

Eyeglass lenses for your frames are custom made specifically for you and therefore cannot be returned for a refund. We guarantee accuracy on all prescription lenses or they will be remade at no charge to you. We pride ourselves in our workmanship - accurately filling your prescription is our number one priority. If your prescription was incorrectly provided by your doctor, or if your doctor changes your eyeglass prescription within 30 days, we will remake your lenses at a discount. Discounts are determined on a case-by-case basis and are usually between 35-50% of the original purchase price plus shipping & handling.

Progressive Non-Adapt Policy

Our non-adapt policy allows for a one-time replacement of progressive lenses within 21 days of the original order if you cannot adapt to your new lenses due to fitting errors. This non-adapt warranty applies exclusively to the base price of our standard plastic CR39 lenses stocked in our lab and does not apply to charges for options such as sunglass tints, anti-reflective coatings, rimless or drilled rimless frame charges, etc. It does not apply to progressive lenses beyond our stock range. In the event that you are not able to adapt to your progressive lenses, we will rework your lenses plus the cost of shipping and handling. (NOTE: If you do not specify your pupil distance (PD) or your segment heights on your order and you send in your frames with existing prescription lenses, we will assume that the current PD and segment heights are accurate and will use this to make your new lenses, unless told otherwise by the customer. If segment heights are not specified by the customer, we will use standard fitting heights unless told otherwise by the customer.)

Scratch Warranty

Factory coatings are warranted to resist scratching under normal wear and tear conditions for up to 120 days from the original invoice date. Covered lenses that are scratched under normal wear and tear conditions are eligible for a one time replacement with identical lenses upon return to RLE with the original invoice. Although scratch-resistant coatings have significantly improved over the years, no coating is 100% scratch proof; the life of your lenses will depend on how well you care for them. Eyeglass lenses returned with scratches that penetrate the coating and the underlying substrate will not qualify for free replacement. Our scratch-resistant warranty does not apply to athletic eyewear, safety eyeglass lenses or mirror coatings. It does not apply to charges for options such as sunglass tints, anti-reflective coatings, rimless or drilled rimless frame charges, etc. For superior scratch resistance we recommend selecting a factory scratch resistant coating such as a Zeiss or Crizal product.

Transitions Lenses

All of our Transitions lenses are guaranteed to perform to the manufacturer’s specifications for 90 days from the date of purchase. Lenses which do not properly perform must be returned with the original invoice for evaluation and possible replacement.

Eyeglass Frames

Replacement Lens Express is not responsible for frames or other items damaged or lost in transit to our optical laboratory. Frames sent to us that break due to their age, defects or damage due to shipping and handling will be returned to you so that you may exchange them with the original reseller from whom they were purchased. In some cases, RLE may be able to exchange them with the reseller on your behalf. We take tremendous care with your frames, however, defects and weaknesses which may not be outwardly visible can result in a broken frame. RLE is not responsible for the breakage of customer’s frames. In addition, customers will be responsible to pay 50% of the lens price if their own frames break. If you purchase a frame from our website, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund and will be charged a 15% restocking fee, which is standard across the entire industry. This restocking fee can be waived on a case-by-case basis if you exchange your eyeglasses for another pair from us within 30 days. Lenses with special coatings such as anti-glare cannot be returned. Frames which have been discontinued by the manufacturer cannot be returned. All Silhouette, Christian Dior, Lafont, Tag Heuer, and Caviar frames are final sale unless there is a defect.

Customized Sunglass Tints

We are delighted to make unique sunglass tints and designs for our customers. All non-standard sunglass tints can be returned for a one time free rework within 21 days of the original order. This policy allows for darkening of the original color ordered for solid lenses, as well as for adjusting the placement of gradient tinting. This policy does not apply to charges for options such as rimless or drilled rimless frame charges. Certain lenses with mirror finishes and/or anti-reflective coatings may not qualify for free re-working and must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In the event that you desire additional tint-related adjustments after this initial rework, this may be done at an additional cost.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses may not be returned for a refund.

Time Frame

All remakes or reworks must be initiated within the time periods outlined above. Customers must notify RLE of any issues they have with their order within 2 days of receipt of their order. Copies of original invoices and glasses we made must be returned with each remake. All remakes apply only for the customer in which the original lenses were made. A processing fee of $25 will apply to all lenses remade under warranty. Eyeglass lenses for your frames are custom designed and cut specifically for you and therefore cannot be returned for a refund. If you have additional questions please contact us.

rework prescription restrictions

All reworks that are non-prescription related (e.g. change of sunglass tint, AR Coating, or lens material or brand, etc.) must be redone using the customer's original prescription. If a small prescription change has occurred between the original purchase date and the rework, charges will be applied per our "Doctor's Prescription Changes" policy, as outlined above.

Note: All matters will be resolved in the state of Connecticut via arbitration.

Thank You for choosing Replacement Lens Express. We look forward to working with you!