As part of the natural aging process, the vast majority of people will start to need progressive lenses around 40 years old. For anyone with presbyopia (a reduction in our ability to see near-vision clearly), multifocal lenses can provide a significant visual benefit. Not to mention, progressive lenses are much more aesthetically and cosmetically appealing!

Progressive lens styles offer 3 fields of vision corrections. It’s like having 3 pairs of glasses all in one lens! Progressive lenses offer a seamless transition between your reading, intermediate and near vision zones. Which means you can drive, view your computer, or read a book using only 1 pair of eyeglasses. Unlike lined multifocal lenses that can create a jump feeling when switching between the different viewing zones or the need to switch between your distance and reading glasses.Progressive lenses are often referred to as seamless vision or no-lined multifocal lenses. Progressive lenses do take time to adjust to, you will need to train yourself on how to look out of all three viewing areas. We typically suggest giving yourself up to two weeks to adjust to using your new progressive lenses. Replacement Lens Express offers progressive lenses in a wide variety of lens brands and materials which includes our very own RLE HD Digital progressive lens.

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