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Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses reduce glare and provide a clearer view for the wearer. They're ideal for boaters, skiers, bikers, golfers, joggers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Polarized lenses make driving safer by reducing glare from the road's surface. They are beneficial when worn indoors by light-sensitive individuals, such as post-cataract surgery patients and those continually exposed to bright light through windows. Click here to start shopping for your own polarized lenses!

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photochromatic lenses

Photochromatic lenses such as those made by Transitions Optical are clear (or nearly clear) indoors and darken automatically in outdoor sunlight. They provide 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. They reduce your need to wear prescription sunglasses in most outdoor conditions, making them a graet convenience. The following is a summary of the most popular brands of photochromatic lenses available today:


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Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses are the predominant photochromatic lenses sold today. They are available in nearly every lightweight material and lens design, including bifocals and progressive (no-line bifocal) lenses. The variable tint which is available in brown and gray shades. Transitions lenses are only produced in lightweight lens materials—Plastic CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, and High-Index Plastics. They are NOT available in Glass or High-Index Glass materials. Click here to start shopping for your own Transitions lenses!

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Photogray and Photobrown are similar to Transitions Lenses and are made by Corning Inc. Corning also offers a thinner, lighter glass photochromatic lens called THIN & DARK, which come in a variable gray tint and are up to 30% thinner and lighter than traditional glass photochromatic lenses. Corning also offers lightweight photochromatic lenses called SUNSENSORS and are available in gray and brown variable tints and are fabricated with mid- and high-index plastic materials.

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ColorMatic Lenses

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Colormatic Lenses

Colormatic lenses are made by Rodenstock, a German lens manufacturer. These lightweight "transition" lenses are available in variable shades of gray, brown and green. Outdoors, ColorMatic lenses are as dark as sunglasses and block 100% of UV rays. LifeRx photochromic lenses are produced by Vision-Ease Lens. They are made of Polycarbonate lens material and are available in variable tints of gray or brown.

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LifeRx Lenses

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Life Rx

LifeRx lenses darken in less than one minute and the photochromic dye is formulated to fade back faster indoors than leading photochromic lenses.

Because Transitions lenses and other popular photochromic lenses need the sun’s UV light to activate (darken), general purpose "transition" lenses do not darken behind car windshields, which block the sun's UV rays. To overcome this problem, lens manufacturers have introduced "sun" photochromic lenses that are designed primarily for outdoor wear and for use when driving in sunlight.

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XTRAcitve lenses

These new photochromic lenses from Transitions Optical are darker than regular Transitions lenses and are designed for people who prefer a slight tint indoors and very dark lenses outdoors. Transitions XTRAcitve lenses also darken moderately inside a car or truck. Transitions XTRActive lenses currently are available in Polycarbonate, Trivex and 1.67 High-Index plastic lens materials in Single Vision and Progressive lenses. Click here to start shopping for your own Transitions XTRActive lenses!

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Drivewear Lenses

Drivewear are photochromic polarized sunglasses developed by Younger Optics (in partnership with Transitions Optical). The lenses are able to sense and react to varying light conditions both outdoors and behind the windshield of a car or truck. By combining photochromic and polarization technologies, DriveWear lenses reduce glare and maximize visual acuity in bright light conditions. DriveWear lenses are available in Plastic CR39 and Polycarbonate lens materials and in Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressive lenses. Click here to start shopping for your own DriveWear lenses!

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Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses are a great alternative to photochromic lenses for improving visual comfort, keeping their tint constant at all times. Tints of virtually any color can be applied to eyeglass lenses. Lighter, fashion tints are used primarily for cosmetic purposes to enhance the individual’s personal style. Darker tints allow the wearer to use the lenses as sunglasses.

Color can be added to a lens as a solid tint, where the entire lens has the same color density, or as a gradient tint, where the color density is darkest at the top of the lens and gradually fades to clear or nearly clear at the bottom. Different colors can be applied to lenses for different purposes. For example, Yellow is often added to a lens to enhance contrast, especially in overcast conditions, making it a popular tint for pilots and hunters. It reduces the blue sky, making important objects stand out more clearly. Brown Amber also reduces the blue wavelength of light, making this tint ideal for hunting, fishing, and all other outdoor activities. Green (or its cousin G-15 – the classic color Ray-Ban sunglass lenses), is sometimes used as a sunglass tint, though brown and gray are the most popular sunglass shades. Red (or Pink) is a bold fashion color and also is popular among people who enjoy seeing the world through "rose-colored glasses." True Tone Gray reduces all wavelengths of light equally, giving you the most natural viewing experience. This is our most popular tint option. Gray-Over-Rose (top is gray, bottom is rose) is an example of a unique tint which is great for computer and cosmetic use. We can take any variety of colors and add them to a gradient-style lens tinting effect.

Email us if you would like to discuss your own customize tint ideas - we love working on custom creations!