Trivex Lenses: An interesting history and bright future!

The lens material known today as “Trivex” has a really interesting history. Its scientific roots are heavily embedded in the United States military, with applications ranging from helicopter windshields, transparent body armor, and fighter jet canopies. It wasn’t long before these scientists realized that the extreme impact resistance coupled with its fantastic optical clarity and ultra-lightweight properties would make it a best-selling optical lens.

So that’s great, but why should you choose Trivex lenses when picking out your next set of eyeglasses? Why not go with a polycarbonate lens instead?

There are a lot of reasons why Trivex lenses are some of the best eyeglass lenses, including their use to provide eye safety and protection. At Replacement Lens Express, we love the history of these lenses and proudly offer our Trivex lenses online. Start protecting your eyes with some of the best eyeglass lenses today.

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Strong and Safe

Trivex lens material is incredibly impact resistant, sometimes being referred to as “shatterproof.” In fact, when the lens was originally designed, Trivex was subjected to rigorous ballistic and extreme performance testing to ensure the durability of the lens. As a result, Trivex lenses are ideal for athletes, safety-glass wearers, and children, who all benefit from their strength and safety.

Great Tint

Trivex lenses tint better than traditional polycarbonate lens material. So if you’re thinking about designing an interesting pink-to-clear gradient fade, or a more traditional grey sunglass lens, Trivex would be a better, more easily customizable choice here. You can learn more about our tinting process in our help guide.

Versatile Lenses

When working with rimless frames, our opticians love Trivex lenses because they are easier to drill and the material is resistant to cracking around the drill holes. This makes Trivex lenses a sturdy, versatile choice for any frame.

UV Eye Protection

Trivex lenses provide 100 percent protection from the sun’s harmful rays, protecting your vision and overall eye health. So put away your wallet and save some money here, as you won’t need to add a UV-coating to these lenses!

Light, Thin Lenses
Trivex lenses are thinner and lighter than traditional plastic lens material. In fact, they are 10 percent lighter than polycarbonate lenses.

Clear Optics
Trivex lenses have crisper, clearer optics than their injected-molded cousin, the polycarbonate lens. This helps make Trivex lenses some of the best eyeglass lenses, especially if clarity is a feature you need in your lenses.

Trivex lenses and polycarbonate lenses

Replacement Lens Express

The benefits of Trivex lenses make them some of the best eyeglass lenses when you’re ready for replacement lenses. Other lenses, like polycarbonate, might have a higher refractive index, but Trivex lenses have other qualities that make them a great choice when you’re looking for safety lenses to help protect your eyes.

At Replacement Lens Express, we have a wide assortment of lenses online. If you need an updated prescription but still love your old frames, let our team replace your lenses so you can keep the frames you love. Shop our collection of Trivex lenses online today!