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Looking for replacement lenses for your glasses? Replacement Lens Express, known to our customers as RLE, has been established for 10 years and offers glasses lens replacement services, including authentic Ray Ban replacement lenses, in addition to eyewear frames from the best designer brands that let you enjoy the best quality of vision paired with the latest styles.

RLE is your one-stop solution for people who are looking to update their glasses lenses without having to give up their existing frames, turn their existing pair of glasses into sunglasses, or even buy a complete pair of new frames and lenses. Our comprehensive range of lenses, which we’ve sourced from some of the best suppliers, including our own brand lenses means you’ll get the best fit for your budget and lifestyle.

Our new and improved website is designed to make lens replacements for glasses easy – simply select your lenses, enter your existing frame details and your prescription. Just like that, you’ll have your updated pair of glasses delivered right to your door, with the fastest delivery times and free shipping for orders over $100.

So why do glasses wearers love shopping online with RLE?

The latest styles from your favorite brands

In addition to our glasses lens replacement services, we carry the latest in designer frames in case you’re looking to update your eyewear wardrobe, from big names like Ray Ban, Carolina Herrera, Oakley, Kate Spade, Dolce and Gabbana, Taylor Eyes and so many more.

We have glasses and sunglasses frames in your favorite materials and shapes, so you can find the perfect pair to suit your personality and face. From cat eye to wayfarers, we have styles that transcend fashion, and the classic looks you love.

Lens replacement for glasses

Love your frame but need a new pair of lenses? RLE lets you keep the frames you adore while swapping out for new prescription, or non-prescription lenses. As your vision or lifestyle changes, you may need to upgrade your eyeglass lenses, and if your existing frame is still in great condition and you don’t want to get new ones, we believe you shouldn’t have to!

Thanks to our special frame identification technology, we can match your chosen lenses to your frames for a flawless fit – all you have to do is select the type of frame you have, which can range from a full plastic rimless, to semi-rimless, full metal, or rimless, and then provide us with the frame brand, model, size, color, and any other information that will help us to identify it.

We are also a Ray Ban replacement lens specialist, so you can feel confident knowing your lenses are being replaced with 100% authentic Ray Ban lenses.

Top quality lenses

There are many online companies who promise better vision, but at RLE, we aim to offer the largest selection of glasses lenses from the industry-leading lens manufacturers, including:

These manufacturers have developed lens technology that not only corrects your vision, but protects your eyes from digital eye strain, UV rays, and more. Our replacement lenses for glasses also come with the most advanced coatings to protect your lenses from scratching, glare from screens or the sun, or for blue light protection, so you can enjoy clear, relaxed vision whatever you’re doing.

Lens technology

Every person has different vision needs, which is why your prescription is unique to you. That’s why you need a lens that can provide you with the best vision correction and comfort. We offer glasses lens replacement for every vision correction issue, from progressives to computer lenses, lined multifocals, and single vision prescriptions. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these types of lenses are

Progressive – Most people will begin to experience vision decline around the age of 40. This is called presbyopia and occurs when the natural lens in your eye becomes less flexible, meaning it can’t adapt to different distances as easily as before. Most people will start to notice their near vision becomes blurry, meaning they find it difficult to see clearly while reading.

A progressive lens can help your eyes transition seamlessly between reading, intermediate, and distance vision through different zones, with no visible line separating them for improved aesthetics. They can take a while to adapt to, as you get used to looking through different parts of the lens for each focal distance.

Lined multifocals – These are like progressive lenses, correcting all fields of vision, but they have a distinct line that separates each zone. The most common type are bifocals, which have two distinct sections separated by a line for distance and reading vision. Trifocals offer vision correction for distance, intermediate and near vision, again separated by lines, and cannot be customized.

Computer – A computer lens is an excellent way to counteract the effects of digital eye strain while in the office, allowing your eyes to focus on your screen and switch views to someone across a meeting room with ease and comfort.

Single Vision – these lenses correct one vision correction issue, for example, distance, near or intermediate vision, and can be selected as standard, HD, or even specially designed anti-fatigue lenses to combat digital eye strain.

Virtual Try On assistant

Looking for a new frame and not sure which pair is right for you? Our virtual try on technology helps you find the perfect pair to suit your face shape and style preferences all from the comfort of your own home! All you have to do is click on the frame you’re interested in and select the ‘Try Me On’ option below the frame image.

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