RLE HD Digital Progressive Clear Trivex Lenses

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Why pay more for name-brand lenses when you can have the same HIGH QUALITY digital progressive lenses for 30% less? RLE In-House HD Digital Progressive Clear Trivex Lenses are made RIGHT IN OUR CONNECTICUT LAB and are sure to impress! Minimum fitting height is 17mm for regular HD lenses and 14mm for Short Corridor HD lenses. (Our opticians will determine which lens is right for you and there will be NO EXTRA CHARGE for SHORT Corridor HD lenses.)

Trivex lenses are the new rival for polycarbonate lense; they are thin, lightweight and much more impact-resistant than regular Plastic CR-39 or Polycarbonate lenses. Trivex lenses have crisper optics, and may have sharper central vision than Polycarbonate lenses. They may also have less chromatic aberration then Polycarbonate lenses as well as sharper peripheral vision. The index of refraction is 1.53, making them about 10% thicker than Polycarbonate lenses. Trivex lenses offer 100% protection from UV light, as do Polycarbonate lenses, however, they do need a scratch-resistant coating to prevent scratches. Todays modern coatings can make the surface of these lenses nearly as hard as glass.



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RLE HD Eyeglass Lenses
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So far I'm very satisfied. Especially impressed with the fitting of the lenses into the frames - no spaces can be seen! But also the communications and updates - all friendly. And the speed of service.

I have a question: Is there a very tiny, almost unnoticeable etching mark on the right-hand lens? I can't 'read' it even with a magnifying glass. So I can't be certain it's not a scratch.

And I do plan to be back for another of RLE's replacement lenses. Perhaps soon. I'm looking for a titanium frame. Not found on your website though.

Have used this service before. Very happy with quality of lenses and the expert grinding. prices are very reasonable, too.
Repeat customer and once again RLE delivered excellence. I was unsure about the anti-glare coating but the Zelena is superb and definitely worth it. Very pleased all around.
Am happy with the job done
This is my 2nd time using Replacement lens express. My new lenses arrived today and they are "perfect"
Very Happy.
Fair price - Fast service - Good quality.
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