Recycling Program

New Eyes for the Needy

Replacement Lens Express believes in the importance of giving back to the community, as well as to the Earth.

That's why we've teamed up with New Eyes for the Needy. By donating your old eyewear, you can help someone with poor vision see again, or provide the raw materials to make new eyeglasses.

If you send in one or more frames for donation, you will receive half price shipping towards your order with Replacement Lens Express (USPS 1st Class Priority within the U.S.).

How it works

When you are ready to check-out, indicate in the notes section that you will be recycling your frames. You will receive a discount code with your completed order that will provide you with a credit worth half of the cost of domestic priority mail shipping on your next Replacement Lens Express order. Remember to carefully label your frames as "Recycle / Donate" when you ship them to us to ensure they are not used for your order.