Meet Our Optician

Our team of opticians is lead by David, a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and Newberry College, where he was granted his degree as a licensed optician.

Since 1982 David has acquired vast experience as a master optician ensuring that your glasses are made perfect for you and fit just right.  He is well versed in all the latest optical designs, whether he is making your glasses as thin and stylish as possible, helping you select the best no-line bifocal or reducing eye strain with a pair of glasses specifically made for your computer. 
David is well known for the custom craftsmanship making lenses adorn with facet cuts and rhinestones giving each patient their own unique look. 

David was the first optician to set up a complete in house laboratory to control both the quality and to provide our patients with same day service.  He will make sure that your frame and lens selection match your personality and life style.