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Use the drop down menus to customize your prescription eyeglass lenses. Contact us if you have any questions or need help placing your order!"


This is an excellent company. My new lenses were delivered quickly and are perfectly accurate. I recommend them without hesitation.
I started out tenuously... ordering my computer glasses first. I was out of the country when a question arose about my order; they immediately emailed me. I told them I had no ability to use a website, and asked if they could include all of the relevant info in an email. In two days time we had it sorted; I ended up with a less expensive option (saved $98!) and my glasses arrived shortly after I returned home - with a 10% off coupon. That sold me. I sat right down and ordered my progressive lenses. Very happy with both pair and would definitely do it again. (Kept the same frames on both pairs because I like how my frames already fit.)
Great job. The website had all of the information needed to understand the process. I received emails along the way and received my glasses even faster than I expected. No question I'll come back next time around.
I saved around $400 by using Replacement Lens Express. I entered what I needed on their web site and uploaded a scan of my prescription. The instructions for where to mail my existing frames with old lenses were easy to follow. I placed my frames with old lenses in an eyeglass case (which was returned to me with my frames and new lenses -- thank you!). The post office helped me box them for mailing. I went ahead and insured my package just in case it got lost in transit. It was mailed on Thursday, April 24 and it got there that Saturday. The think the return wait was reasonable - I got my frames and new lenses on May 8, and they are perfect. I am a happy camper.
I ordered lenses for a fairly new pair of glasses. The process to order my lenses was easy. The time to receive my new glasses was reasonable and I plan to do this again. Thanks for everything!
Absolutely fabulous! I sent in a used pair of Oakley Pitchman glasses for new sunglasses lenses. I was worried because there were tiny cracks in the frames that looked like they may crack more when the old lenses were removed and the new ones were installed. I shouldn’t have worried. They came back perfect! Really reasonable prices, great customer service. The only thing I would change would be to purchase the anti reflective coating. My bad, not theirs
Ordered new lenses for frames I had hardly worn. After submitting my order, I realized I hadn't applied a promo code for free shipping. I contacted them immediately and received a quick response that they would honor the offer. My order arrived with no issues. Extremely pleased with the the great service and will recommend to others.
Loved that I could customize my own glasses lenses. Got exactly what my doctor said I should but for less than his office's prices.
Super job!!! So pleSed!
Fantastic. Easy, quick and cost efficient. Thanks!
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All of our lenses include 100% UV Protection* and Scratch Resistant Coatings

You can select your choice of in-house or name-brand Anti-Reflective Coatings as you customize your lenses

*excludes Plastic CR39 lens material